Solid Gold Custom Arabic Name Bracelet

Size Guide
14kt Solid Gold

Handcrafted to perfection by Master Jewelers

Our personalized bracelet is more than an accessory. It will supplement your entire outfit and will pair perfectly with anything in your wardrobe; making it ideal for everyday wear. Customize it with your name, the name of a loved one, or an inspiring word; the perfect meaningful gift for any occasion. 


    Whether you are on mobile or a computer, above the "Add to Cart" button there should be a blank to insert your name. You can enter your name in Arabic or English, we will gladly translate it for you!


    For a reference on which size to choose view our size guide. The sizes that we have are 14", 16", 18" 20", 22". Please note that these sizes are the sizes for the chain, the nameplate will extend the chain.


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